Conversation 1: ConvincingEdit

"I believe... I believe... is that all you're going to say for your entire life?"

"There's no way in knowing the way we're going."

"It's what you believe. The believing needs to stop. You need to start to know."

"Like you know everything that will happen."


"It's impossible."

"Not if you try to. There's limitless possibilities, sure, but it's easy to figure out the end of one's life."

"You're insane in beli-"

"There you are with that word again. You wasn't created to believe, you was created to know and do, along with everyone else."

"What if I don't want to know, what if I don't want to do?"

"You will once you find out your future."

"What's in my future?"

"See for yourself."

"...I know that we can end this war."

"There you go. So then, that's what you want? To end this war?"

"Yes. Nothing more, nothing less."

"Well then, what're you going to do to help me?"

"I already know what you want."

"Then it's a deal, friend."